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Fast Ferry Passenger Vessel


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Applications for Medium ships, Fast Ferries, Work boats, Military .. Call us for a custom quotation. High Cruise Speeds - 60+ Knots / Shallow draft (3-12 ft) and VERY little wake! NO Hull seals, skirts or flex items to foul or break! We offer this one-time special price: for the 3 engine version (all engines, C-18 propulsion & separate 450hp fan); First boat started, work we have done thus far is paid for free and clear. We have the two hulls layed up for the 88 SES, port and starboard hulls. One is assembled and has stringers in it, the second hull is still in the Mold, we lay each hull up as four pieces, a bottom, port side, starboard side, and transom, and then crane and pin the molds together and glass the parts together. Competitors Prices: We did a survey among American Ferryboat builders, calling all that we could identify building ferryboats in the size range as ours, in the 80-95 range. We asked for budgetary pricing on ocean going 149 seats T-Vessel Fast Ferries; our only speed req was cruising in the 25 knot minimum, something between 25-30 knot service speed window. The budgetary price we got for this ocean going ferry ranged from to So our pricing of under is extremely competitive for this exciting boat..Our pricing of under 4mm is extremely competitive for this exciting boat,, about half the cost of those we found on the market, of any other fast ferries. This price we can offer as we have the boat partially built, and this will showcase the technology. A Scale Model of this boat is attached and also will show the bottom of the boat, showing it riding on a combination of pressurized air cushions and also the dynamic lift from the V-Hulls forward. The two capture the air cushion far superior to any other air cushioned vessel, making hugely better use of the pressurized air, creating far more lift, building higher pressure, hence making the vessel faster and more efficient than similar hovercrafts, and even doing so on less power. And far faster and far more efficient than conventional catamarans or V-Hulls. Fuel is the largest expense for a busy ferryboat operator. Even on a slower version of our SES, something in the 25-30 knot operating speed, we are going to be several times the fuel efficiency of a best conventional cat. Get the boat going faster, and we will be up to 4 times the fuel efficiency of the best conventional cats. For 25-28 knots operational speed, the Maritime Dynamics ride control would probably not be necessary. For 35-40 knots operational speed, particularly if in open ocean without the protection of one of the large Islands, for some rough days, the Maritime Dynamics ride control is really wonderful, it uses either T-Foils (front) or Interceptors (transom) and they move with each wave, really flattening out the sea. Can send more info on this ride control system if desired. The faster speed lets the operator run maybe close to double the roundtrips per day, hugely increasing his profit if he desires. And even if he does not want to run fast, keeping it in the 25-28 knot cruise speed will burn less than half the fuel of conventional cat ferries at that speed. In either case, his profit is increased hugely. This boat with its huge fuel savings, can literally pay for itself in just a few years due to "Exceptional fuel economies / Substantial Maintenance-Operational Savings, AND crew cost reductions per load"! Highly stable hull in most sea states = safe loads/comfortable rides Exceptionally strong, very high speed platforms for military operations and transports that need no port facilities and operate in under 12 feet of water (200-300 Meter)! A patented internal drive is a highly efficient, high speed and high fuel economy drive for medium & small ship, yacht and pleasure boat applications! This exceptional new drive system builds on proven technology of the past to deliver exceptional capabilities at half the weight and half the cost of existing systems! The Small Surface Drives give small and medium boats & yachts up to 350% better fuel economy and substantially higher speed potentials when used with HSB's SES designed hulls!

Model: Fast Ferry Passenger Vessel
Manufacturer: Custom
HP: 0
KW: 0
Ratio: 0:1
Fob: Florida
Vessel Information
Vessel Length: 88
Vessel Beam: 26
Vessel Draft: 3

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