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MTU miscellaneous orings, gaskets and small parts


Item # 90592

MTU stock of gaskets, orings, small parts, seals, etc. Here is a listing of the part numbers available. We believe these to be of the 396 series. 553-200-00-72 (1) 700429-126000 (2) o-ring 700429-118000 o-ring (2) 7007603-012108 sealing rings 559-090-00-22 700429-150001 o-ring 915007-010001 Reduction joint 550-016-0432 Transfer tube cyl block - head coolant 555-090-0775 Vlave assembly 550-078-11-38 003-997-77-48 O-ring 700429090000 O-ring 0805508 washer, shines 700429108000 o-ring 550-050-00-20 adjusting screw 537-078-00-38 anti-vibration strip 312-990-02-51 nut 000-017-0660 nozzle swal rings 915-006-008-002 reducing joint 558-204-0680 gasket 558-098-01-80 gasket 000-053-3135 rotocup valve rotator 558-103-1280 r/w pump discharge gasket 550-204-10-80 gasket 550-016-3120 metal gasket 553-142-16-80 metal gaskets 553-203-1080 heat exchanger r/w-7 intercooler gasket 5582031280 gaskets 550-098-2080 gaskets 550-203-1180 gaskets 558-209-06-80 gasket 550-098-0280 gasket 558-03-1380 gasket 553-187-01-80 gasket 5532031380 gasket 550-187-01-80 gasket 550-078-10-38 rubber guides 5502034680 desc-gasket 5502031280 desc.- gasket 550-203-2480 gasket 553-203-07-80 gasket 550-02031380 gasket 518-098-0180 gasket 550-203-35-80 ex. gasket 007985005187

Model: MTU miscellaneous orings, gaskets and small parts
Manufacturer: MTU
Qty: 1
HP: 0
KW: 0
Ratio: 0:1
Fob: Shop Ft. Laud
Vessel Information
Vessel Length: 0

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